The Spoken Dimension


Where did you get that from? she asked,

eyes changing from the wide eyed wonder

of a child watching a magic show,

to all the serious shocked disbelief

of a soul searching deeply for an answer

and half praying I don’t give it.


Opening myself allows me

to be in all places at once,

forgetting all I know or think I know

about everything I’ve ever learned,

ever thought or ever done.


Preparing for the moment, I begin

my mind expands and it is the me,

the myself and the I, all present

in both the future and the past,

connecting in a straight timeline

that allows me to be all that I am.


I search for everything that is

was, or ever will be and I preach

with an animated sentience

pushing the creative flow

with words spoken

echoing until mountains move.


I think therefore I push the line

up, to reach down

to new opportunities of what was

what is and what may be coming,

a great wall stretching into infinity

beyond the miniscule timeline

creating a frame of reality born,

in a world of possibility.


Then I reach once more. I take the wall

push it forward and back to a cube

to make it so all things are possible

coming together in a culmination of reality

a billion billion light shards

blinding most who try to see.


Alone at the center, I am

the origin, the seventh rune

the originator of all denominations.

I exist at the pinnacle and reach further

spinning the box of forever faster

to form a sphere where all things

become, united and finally explode.

A big bang of knowledge sought

and found in every direction imagined

for I am already one with all.


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