Lightning struck once, and only once, like the first orgasm shooting from the base of my head, starting at the back of my neck, down my spine to the crack hiding my tailbone. A reflex at the union of my thighs, something pumped once, then again in a silent explosion.  My contribution to the life equation released, leaving me spent, my brain full of clouds and my knees weak.

Lightning hit the center of my chest at the sight of a smile, toothy in its fullness, genuine in the language spoken from the eyes above, instantly sucking me into their depths to bathe in a lucid pool.

It tasted sweet on the tongue of my soul for a single moment of infinity, seeing myself following a tiny strand of fates possibility. She and I together, intertwined for all time. In a flutter of lashes, I’m back, staring into her bright orbs, hearing words uttered from the lips in a smile that reached the fist sized liver of existence in my cage. Upsetting beats, skip and shift making the rhythm increase needing more oxygen to breathe. Synapse colliding synapse, computations register, cilium enflamed, strung alive from my spine engulfing spidery tendrils to activate a cocoon of energy heating the body through to phalanges, wrapping me in its maternal embrace, holding me comfortable, warm and safe.

It happened… before the finding, before the discovering, before the knowing, all of the flotsam that rises with the penetration to the innermost shelter sitting vulnerable.

It was… in that moment of seeing, when the first strike of two energies merge, consummation and birth simultaneous, the creation beyond reproduction occurs.

It is… the culmination of an eternal search through a labyrinth of destiny seeking to find the answer to the universal conundrum.

It will be… the joining of two souls gone astray to play the game of life mysterious, paths crossing on a double helix road preparing in time for the moment exquisite, at the first sighting of Love, when one soul says to its mate eternal, “Hello.”



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