The idea struck on the first day. It was a huge light bulb, exploding in the vast blackness with everything around sucked into a vacuum, expanding, then attracting again and in that light a thought began to take shape. It would be an epic story. The greatest story ever told, spanning generations.

On the second day, the outline formed, in the pages of places and people in interesting situations and glorious happenings… So many to see and so much to do and suddenly another idea occurred about something else that was in the same galaxy over a billion miles away and it arrived with a thought…

“This might prove to be too much for one single book.”

On the third day the plot was evident. There was a focus and it was obviously going to be a very long book. I mean this was going to take years. Just getting from one place to another seemed like several books in itself.

The subject took shape on the fourth day and I knew. It would have to be several separate books and it would be best to let each one focus on one thing and one place at a time.

The details started to form.

On the fifth day, all of the smaller areas formed, inside and out of one single location. All of the supporting characters were there too. There were so many that it might be necessary to write several separate stories about them as well.

“This is really going to take a lifetime.”

On the sixth day the main character took shape. He was an Adonis, standing tall, staring into the firmament saying, “Yes, I am man.” He was cool. Now he needed purpose, meaning, anima, the excitement was intense. He could go anywhere, do anything, see all the places that were created. This would be an epic story and this was the hero. Adam.

After surveying all of the land, all the places, here and there, all of the characters as well as the hero, reading through the pages and pages of outline, Adam, the creation, staring back at me with a questioning look of the new born. Waiting… what was next?

On the seventh day… writers block.


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