The twinkling lights were a tell-tale sign and some started putting them up in October. He had been dreading and looking forward to the reunion, the gathering of the family for… Well, he had been looking forward to it.

How many years had it been? Only one person knew he was coming and they had been sworn to secrecy.

He turned and drove up the street counting the houses trying to remember. It was warm in the car, but outside it was deathly cold.

The street looked abandoned. He stopped and stared looking at the unfamiliar façade. The memories came back, slowly creeping like the frozen chill that sat on the edge of his windows. They weren’t all bad, but there was enough to make him rethink what he was about to do.

He shut the engine off and checked his pockets. He had it. Maybe he should leave it here. No, you never know how things might go and how quickly…

Outside the air reached in to nip at his bones. He moved towards the house, breathing smoke as he approached the front door and the old faded mat that once said welcome.


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