Operator. Today, I got the call,

the call I’ve been waiting for.

My longing has been satiated

and my heart has no bounds.

I did a tip tap

and then danced a little jig

when I got the call.


Operator, I have held this call

in anticipation for some time.

This call, has been held

in the limbo of my loins,

for more than a thousand years.


Operator, I never really believed

I would get the call.

Then the phone rang…

Oh, my heart swelled

when I beheld the name

then a beat skipped.

What the fuck? I got the call?

Shocked, I stared for little while.

So long that, I missed the call!

Yes! Shit!

Yes, I missed the call, so…


I called back. Yes, yes I did,

I called the number back

and in that moment, I waited.

The burring in my heart stopped

then swelled again

to burst in anticipation,

and I swear…

I could have just shit right there

when I made the call.


It went one ring and I said

“Holy shit, oh my God.”

Then it went two rings

and I felt my butthole squint.

On the third ring, my penis rolled up

like one of those party favor horns?

Rolled up, grabbed my testicles

and crawled up inside my stomach.


Operator, I swear!

It was amazing, like this giant

hermit crab in my crotch.

The forth ring came next

and suddenly it went click,


I held my breath.

and then I heard the voice,

that voice, operator.

The voice that I have been wanting

and holding myself wanton

for so long, actually said… Hello?


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