Hey, thanks for picking up.

I wanted to talk to you.

I… I know it has been like

more than a decade

since we were together,

I mean, I’m married with kids to…

Well, you know who.

I mean fuck, he was your friend…




Anyway I was thinking about you

and… Oh fuck just so you know,

we talk all the fucking time.

We are very open and everything

so when I asked him about this,

he said if I wanted to talk to you

then I should call you…




So he knows about this call,

I don’t want you to think

I‘m going behind his back

or anything, you know,

like I, well we… anyway

you know what I’m saying.




So I was thinking

about you and us and all and…

I know you have apologized

several times for the past

and we are complete

and everything is done.

I just wanted to call

to let you know

how you made me feel

in the relationship.


Uh, huh.


I know I told you before

and when we spoke

and you apologized

and took responsibility.

Then when I called again

and you apologized again

and took responsibility again

and everything,

but I am not really sure

I really conveyed

how really bad

you made me feel.




Like when you said you loved me,

but you were not in love with me,

that was so fucking devastating.

I mean like oh my God

I was just fucking devastated you know.




So I thought it would be best

if I just called and really explained

how bad I felt and see

if you had anything to say. Okay?


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