The boss spoke, and his words were repeated as if from a preacher on a pulpit.

All of this happened before the chaos began, before the gunfire, before he ran.

He was not who he said he was and he slipped out the back, over the fence, down the alley, up the fire escape and ran across to the next building.

The fall is not what killed him, it was her, because he had to reach her. He burst in carrying several bullets with him.

She knew who was responsible for it and why, and on a dime, the small town princess turned and rose with a sneer.

She was numb and covered in his blood when she laid him to rest on her couch to let the cushions soak up what was still seeping from him.

She cleaned up and dressed to the nines.

Then she set fires to the building and said goodbye to close the chapter.

Her first stop was the bar and for the first time she walked all the way through to the back door and knocked.

They were shocked, but treated her like any customer. She soon found what she was looking for.

She walked past the security and got to the boss because they knew her.

She was expected and as she expected, the first part was easy.

Now that the boss was dead, and her nice dress soiled with blood, she would have to fight her way out.


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