I never grew up with fiction,

was never told what story was

and thereby accepted everything as truth.

Santa Claus, monsters, cartoons

and all legends in fantasy.


Imagine growing up in perpetual ecstasy

with all things accepted as possible.


I was never afraid of clowns.

I was terrified of the giant characters

walking through amusement parks,

horror films and ghosts

on into high school because

I saw truth in that darkness.


In all of this I was told stories

of a man

from an ancient book of truth

who did and possessed

everything I was told was fiction.


I wasn’t like my heroes then

but I knew, one day

I would behold a secret identity

possess mega strength and fly.


Crazy? I know

but I can’t remember

understanding any difference

between legend and truth

fantasy and reality.


Perhaps I never will.


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