It always begins with a drum beat.

Isn’t that the way of things?

The first murmur echoing

through the amniotic fluid

from the parasitic growth

leaching every bit of nourishment

from its host.


Smaller drum keeps time with larger,

The symphony begins with a rhythm,

most primal, breathing with mother earth.

Nine months after coming

growing until your pushed out

screaming in your suit.


On your birthday

Mother Nature splits

in a painful release, life begins

flashing before eyes blink.

The shaman throws himself high,

face painted white.

He howls with the wolf

screeches with the eagle

seeing through the eyes of a mouse

that is captured and eaten.


The endless circle begins

and is already ending.

In the drum beats boom

mother earth explodes

the didgeridoo releases a low moan

to the background

causing vibrations

in the base of the soul.


The chakra’s split

and the babe stands

upright as man

beyond the shit slinging monkey

who I still call brother

for I am nothing in my future

if I deny my past.

In living I am hunter and hunted,

Running wild. Playing tame.

Living, killing, eating, consuming…


The true nature of the beast

will be revealed in the endgame

when the drum beat’s slow

and everything begins

as it lives,

as it ends,

with one




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