was just a day,

ordinary as any other,

with stray dogs and cats


in the domesticated fear

that had forgotten

the hunting instinct

of the pack.


People survive

in stagnant occupations

minimum wages


to cadge out a living

with two and sometimes

three jobs.



expressed in the midst

of guilt, fear, and disease

is begging for the freedom

of another revolution.

Calling to children

that are having children

as they say all hail

free love.



founded in trepidation,

used for self-medication,

abused for a transitory vacation

from responsibility and reality,

opens doors to violence

and crime,

while the upper minority

seeks ‘just-us.’



defines the next generation

while marketing

exploits everything as a fad.



create political bargaining chips

out of the accidents

as computers run lives,

while television ruins brains,

telling you what’s reality

while broadcasting

fear propaganda.



with double barrels

look like black holes

to infinity.


Your moment of Zen

is perfection in chaos

on this blue marble;

some good,

a lot of bad and bullshit,

and all real.


The human race

is begging for extinction.

from the ism

as things heat

until they boil,

rising like a pimple

daring to be touched.


Exploding pus,

blood and shit

all over your perfection

will not sicken you

because you will swallow it

and eat sewage

just to be right.




Staring into

the great blue mist

from the earths edge

I realize we are all islands,



and hunting for destiny.


Science tells stories

of the first day’s

desert-blossomed oasis

rolling land to beach,

waved out to sea

untoxified air

where trees breathe

above mother’s heartbeats,

remembering the days

when all things were green.



I fought to this arrival,

to be my other self

at this point,

if only for a moment

in a communal garden

of energies

all different, unique,

all joined as one,

all the same.



I understand the riffs of life

when my beats are skipped

and I wonder

is this life mine

or is this line cursed.


The sky darkens

and the dwellers emerge

scrambling on bellies

for scraps

tossed from the great table

a coastal serpent

winds up to me

as animals sing

to the dream beat.


“you may find yourself lost,

a holy grail in unknown lands”


My head shifts

into a different vergence,

a new paradigm

forged in my soul-stice

here beneath this mask

I am my other self.


My true self lives in the trees,

the nymphs chant of freedom

they dance naked in the glade

and bathe in the hot springs

of a primordial youth.



These days,

we wear masks

to cover the masks

hidden beneath the masks

we have created for ourselves.


I ask you now,

what is your name?


Not the name given

by parents or society

boxing you into identity

holding you

to the have-to’s

of who you are.

You step through your day

with plasticine faces

speaking in false tones.



is an action word

and I have learned

that freedom and slavery

are both verbs

for the moment

when the mind

is stolen

or released

from necessity.


Now! I say…

What is your true name?

This last

comes as a command.


For you have been

the one holding back

and I am the emancipator.

I am the collector

of masks

and severed tongues.


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