She wasn’t my sister

or my daughter

or anyone I ever known

and yet there is a consideration,

a mastication of information

that comes with one who has seen

and one who has experienced

levels of victimization.


I am not a girl or a woman

or have any desire

to become a Katlin

but the in the mist of this devastation

I am triggered,

like a gun to the spirit

of my inner big brother

to become a protector.


I am thinking about

what I could do in that time.

I am considering heroes

and heroines, punishments

to be handed out for the those

with appetites for such destruction.


Medieval is has become a Tarantino verb

and in the wake of this atrocity

arrives another shooting of mass proportion

reported by the casters ready to report

the desperation of the white man

and forget about the plight of the American.


Penitent Muslims step up to explain

that “this action does not represent all of us.”

They are asking for understanding.

while no one is defending

those tweeting out the violation

of Obama’s college offspring.


I am going to go out on a thin limb.

All of you fucking Jews

are money grubbing motherfuckers

trying to own everything.

All of you fucking Mexicans

are lazy ignorant pieces of shit.

All of you blacks

are lazy angry fuckers

ready to snap and steal

and kill. on a dime.

All of you Muslims

and all of you who I think are Muslims

all just sleeper terrorists

ready to for the call to blow some shit up.



All of you white people

hate everyone that isn’t white.

All of you white people

will rape women

when they can’t put up a fight

All of you white people

defraud the underprivileged

All of you white people

lie and cheat and steal

and are responsible

for more pain suffering and genocide

than any other race in history.

All of you white people

are so fucking scared

that you have to own guns

so that you can molest your children

string out on meth

and fuck your cousins.


Or maybe.

Maybe all of this

is just bullshit.

And maybe this is a poem

that wasn’t downgraded

to twenty minutes of action.

maybe it was just another rape

put in the spotlight

with smiling white face.


One thought on “Twenty Minutes Of Action

  1. This is a controversial piece, I know that, I can’t read it in pubic without stirring up some shit. I got accosted tonight as a matter of fact. The entire piece must be read to understand it. Examples if this sort of thing are: Fight Club, Agatha Christie Novels, All seven books of Harry Potter It must be taken as a whole.


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