To this day I can still remember

a most beautiful one that never was.

Five then seven now ten years gone

in crystal voice a loneliness wrought

vivid pictures that recalled a face.

It lives in the heart as a dream alone.


When the night longs to know the day

and the moon reaches full,

earths song still brings a frozen eve

with light butterflies

and tears that spill from wells.

Breathe in the scent that comes

and see the smile that melts

below the eyes that penetrate.


Hair dances its auburn heart

and a wispy voice sings

tears the dam from eyes

and butterflies turn to bats

in the hands of an angel

that rises from hell

with the touch of silken skin.


Face tingles and knees break.

The coaster screeches to an end

stopping a heart, taken for a ride.

A dull love held once,

stands naked and soaked in rain.


The shade of a beautiful pitch

whispers words of pain

that hold emotions to ripen

and drop like rotten fruit.


Verbs cannot describe a sonnet

to justly portray pure beauty.

Light in the darkness stays hidden,

locked with a key no one can find.

And though eyes are still windows

they only reach to a blackened soul.


Her eyes touch mine like no other

leaving no room to reach for hers.

I have seen beauty lying in mountains,

valleys, and oceans. Worlds in motion.


Natures mother wouldn’t touch a diva

for nothing can compare to her smile

unbridled joy and happiness so pure

but feelings locked so deep and thrown

Neptune can’t find them in his ocean

Streetlamps, candlelight moons, illumination

glowing in nights memories of perfection.


I once saw a Goddess now gone.

Feelings unlocked are free to overtake.

They touch heart and squeeze soul

to death, if left unrequited.

When the ocean whistles in my ears

I can still hear her laugh, and I remember,

being a God once that held hands with a ghost.


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