Send down half your angles

to watch the children play.

They have gone at each other

to damage and spoil again

and Amber was alerted today.


Send half your angles

the warhorse has gotten loose,

released by our commander and chief

who’s been acting quite obtuse.


Send us half your angles

the lunatics are in control,

we want no war, but it appears

democracy has started to fall.


Send out half your angles

and distribute as you see fit.

The pale horse runs amuck

collecting everything

and killing indiscriminate.


Please send down half your angles

and keep the rest for Armageddon.

Bodies are stacking on both ends

and the soldiers need guardians.


Send down all your angels

extinction is eminent.

The sun has colored our faces

blind to friend and foe

and forgotten humanity.


Photo: The Burning Monk 1963, Malcolm Browne, Associated Press


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