What is it about the head,

rising round and bald

slowly over the landscape

in a perfect twilight

looking down

with a smiling half wink

in a blue glow?


My breath quickens.

Not again, I think.

Hairs on my arm stand.

My flesh pimples

as heart skips one, two

then double increase



Blood runs cold

at the sight,

my nemesis taunts,

before turning hot

and coming to a boil.


Not again I pray,

but prayers

only work in fairy tales

and never in reality.


The night calls,

I wish it wouldn’t.

The energy wells

and I see clear.

Openly looking up

at him staring down

and I release.


The night air whips past,

I inhale moving in a lope.

A great primitive scream

bellows from my throat

holding civilized man back

pulling him away from roots

separate human from instinct

and I begin to run with the night.


I rise to the balls of my feet

and go where the wild things roam

I hunch and bend my knees

action lends to reaction

in the adrenaline increase

and I run.


The air roars,

but I hear everything

I hunt

until the kill

the pulse dwindling

on my tongue

from the soul of a beast

that rises when the moon

shines as a bright dome

round and whole.


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