Tell me the point life begins,

conception or birth?

What denotes humanity,

intelligence or dream?

What then is a soul,

consciousness or self-aware?


If God is perfect

and everything he makes is perfect,

he made us so are we not then perfect,

in every way,

which includes growth and curiosity?


Creation, is itself an act of will.

So why is it blasphemy to try?

We discovered science

in our coexistence,

and could science not create life?


What then is the real difference

between a womb and a Petri-dish?


Year after year we grow closer

to a creation which has no name

and all of our same questions:

Who am I?

Where am I going?

How long have I got?


The day we discover

Philip K. Dick was right,

what will you answer

when you flip the switch

and your creation asks you,

“Do I… have a soul?”


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