The three kids sit down at a table and begin to discuss their drinks.

One of the two girls becomes righteously pissed off over something,

singularly obscure in the vein of Tarantino.

They are also discussing a job.

Take out a Starbucks with a piece of corporate art.

Where have I heard that before?

I know that one of them is going to die.


A fat lady is talking to a very thin much older woman in a big torpedo bra.

She reminds me of Imogene Coca.

In five minutes I learn more about the swinger lifestyle than I ever knew,

or wanted to.

Picturing the older woman is at one moment titillating and the next nauseating.

I have all the emotions of a hellish roller coaster ride in a four poster bed.

My dick is curious though, the way most dogs are ready to sniff anything.


The little Mexican Asian girl is off work.

She comes over and takes a seat across from the two ladies.

The conversation tells about the positive and negatives of the lifestyle.

Are they recruiting?

The negatives are lightly glossed over.

I am in high school again, sitting across from Sargent Peck

who is trying to get me to sign on the dotted line,

wanting me to “Be All I Can Be.”


The girl says positive things and tries to smile around her nervousness.

The fat lady is starting to look like she was in the mermaid movie.

“Come on you poor unfortunate soul.”

A guy reading nearby slips into the conversation

and soon the ladies are excitedly making plans with him.

The three then ignore the girl and slip outside to have a cigarette.

Plans are made as they stand around a bench puffing into the air.


The effigy of an old man rolls by the window in an electric wheelchair

and briefly I question what planet I am on.

I can tell which of the teens will die now, it’s the guy.

His name is probably Bob.

I can tell the one that will get him killed. Brittney.

She is all vim and vigor over getting pulled over

by a “fucking cock sucking pig.”


How did I find this place?

“Everybody cool-it this is a robbery.” one boy starts.

“Any of you fucking pricks moves,” one of the girls says.

“And I’ll execute every mother fucking last one of you.”

The third has no lines but she adds, “And I’m all out of bubble gum.”

This is not a good afternoon.

I have to stop writing now.


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