The chubby guy sitting across from his girlfriend is slowly eating his kale salad. Beside it is an open container of… peaches I think, considering the yellow wedge cuts. They might be mangoes. She has already finished and is surfing her phone. By the looks of them they just came from working out. It is a gorgeous day. Probably went on a hike. He is gnashing on each bite of the salad and the micro expressions never change. I recognize that look. He wants a fucking burger. The mangoes are like candy and a dessert which he doesn’t dislike, but I can see he is just biding his time. She is a tiny little thing, hot as all hellfire. She hops up and happily grabs all of the containers leaving him to his mangoes. She walks away proud of him and of herself for getting him to do the right thing. I watch his face, his dead eyes, and a slight frown that arrives on every second bite, forcing the completion of this chore. First opportunity he will be slipping through a drive through. He gets through half the mangoes before he quits, calculating the most he would have to eat to make her happy.


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