The place was dangerous and forbidden.

They had been told numerous times by mother.

The overgrown grove of trees;

the garden that grew all manner

of dangerous plants with poisonous spiny thorns

and had been left derelict;

the ancient crumbling structure was dangerous as well.


There were broken things and sharp things,

things living in dens and hovels;

things with sharp teeth that would enjoy nothing more

than to have a juicy little one as a snack or a meal.


It was not a good place. People had died there.

They said a witch lived in there,


in the way back,

back but she wandered through the place

and used golems to do her bidding,

keep her secrets and boil her soups.


This is what they were told.

This is what they were to believe,

but from dawns crackling breach of time,

boys have always been boys

and into the forest the two brothers went

and played.



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