The first move

sets the standard

the tone,

game pace,


passive or aggressive.


Remember when

you first began

learn the offence,


dodge, lure, attack


prepare and parry,

attack again,

and again…


To reach the final goal

never underestimate an enemy

the insignificant pawn

may still be a powerful advisory

and given the right circumstances

anyone can become King!


Troops sent one by one

begin to attack

from random positions

as you slam move slam


attack, move…

King me.


Send in the left flank

as the right penetrates

killing the Bishop

move back to castle

three Kings

attack from all sides,


but this isn’t checkers

this is chess

the dogs of war

are locked and loaded

and come together

with full metal jackets

raised for the last time

as you reach,

the final…mate.


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