I awoke to find myself born today

and quickly from my bed to learn.

For the city was vast and much to see

I hadn’t much time to burn.


When noon approached, puberty struck

and my teens began with heartbreak.

By three o’clock I was well in my twenties

and by four had moved past thirty.


I noticed some pain at five o’clock

and arthritis came paining at eight.

Now stopped at the ocean

my day is done with curdled skin,

aching bones

and hair of white

I have no memory of my journey

through the city.

Turning back I view the night.


I see it now, I feel only pity

for the fool that walks through life

and sees only pain

but never see the beauty of the city.

I was one of those.


With trembling knees

I take my first steps back, to life

tumbling, the world shifts

my face is in the sand.

My end is winking

and both frustration and hope

die with me.

I long for the city.


Movement from the ocean

as another begins the journey,

No more than two perhaps three,

I try and explain about me.

Look, listen, feel, learn, think, experience,

reach out beyond your world

to touch the lives of others.


Three, now turning four

I can see the warning went unheard.

My final sight was a giggling child

skipping into the night

and the awesome City

swallowing him whole.


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