Dare to dream, for only in dreams can we be truly free.

Dare to believe, to reach for, to try.

Dare to ask for help, for asking a question only allows us to be ignorant for a second.

Dare to try again, and again and once more.

Dare to succeed, too fail, for only then can you grow.

Dare to accept and to move on, for dwelling can be worse than cancer.

Dare to love, to be loved, to make love.

Dare to touch, to taste. Try it you might like it.

Dare to smell something that isn’t a rose.

Dare to listen to your heart, to them, to the truth.

Dare to speak, to introduce yourself to a stranger, for you never know who you might run into.

Dare to look at yourself, to look inside yourself, for in the darkest corners hide all your answers.

Dare… to think for yourself.

Dare to reach, to look, to ask, to wonder, for the possibilities are infinite.

Dare to be, be young, act young, be happy. Express yourself, for age is only a state of mind.

Dare to be wrong, to sin. No one is perfect and your god doesn’t expect you to be.

Dare… because yours is not reality, it’s just one point of view.


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