The romantic gestures.

The balconies of flowers.

The dances under the moon

beneath the streetlights

in snow and fog

wrapped in a blanket

huddled in an old barn

keeping warm and kissing

during a rain storm.


The looks across the room

smiles in the crowd.

The light caress of hands

pulling a body close.

The parrying stroll

shoulder to shoulder

looking out on the city.

to the magnificent sunset

listening to waves breaking

with toes in the sand.


I can do that, all of that

and so much more.

I am not looking for perfect.

I am looking for connection


that indescribable

something more interesting

package to invest

life, liberty and possibility

that something

forever everlasting

on a mutual foundation

to build everything.


The one upping romance

measured in moments

arguments and tears

make up to make out

planning together days

living in concert years

battling in white satin

knights of silk and leather

a banquet of chalices

a bouquet of blades

the skin wrinkles

the hair fades

the desert thrives

to the last of the sand

and together we remain.



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