A conversation is happening between two men about twitter.

A car drives by blaring something form an eighties band about pouring sugar on them.

Frank Sinatra is speaking about the wee small hours in the morning.

And a police siren sounds.


A man who was famous once upon a time is confusing the barista with his order.

A car that costs three hundred thousand dollars is sitting outside.

The temperature is 89 degrees with a breeze.

The smell of bagels is thick in the air.

There are twelve laptops out.

Business is being conducted.

A Greek Adonis is wearing the same colors as a chubby guy, both pulling their share.

A man waits for a meet up with a girl to score drugs.

A couple slips in, they work together in an office, but the potential is for more.


Two men have a love drop on their laptops.

The freeway overhead sounds like the ocean.

In a nearby theater, apes are competing with wizards and superheroes.

The red hair color is not real, but the watch hanging like a burden on the woman’s wrist is.

A woman wearing pants points for her man to sit while she’s in line.

A man sits with his woman’s purse and pulls out his phone.

A daughter stands beside a too tall, too white, and too skinny woman.

The sound of steam, fingers typing, conversation.

The smell of coffee, cologne, perfume, sweat and people.


A man smiles, comfortable and working it.

A woman receives it, but looks around at the same time.

Connections are being made.

She should not be wearing that… at all.

He should grow some balls.

Apple, Dell, Acer, Apple, Hp, Acer, Dell.

The two men ate still talking, but only one is holding court.

According to his shirt he loves being his race.

Pick up and jiggle my cup. Time for a refill, and the restroom.





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