Life lived as if, on the edge of precipice

I stand looking out into the infinite

waves of time break against my years

hope is abandoning me

and there is a story I have of waste

and the waiting here for the clocks to tick

and gongs to sound and bells to toll

for a train that will have a seat for me.


Each crash is another year gone

and every once in a sometimes I consider diving in.

The drone that brings the pains and the greys

causes places to thin and sag

I ask questions to the face mirrored before me

showing wrinkles of an overweight stranger

who has this unfamiliar life to me.


Hope is abandoning and fatigue is catching up

I am not one who will stay in a world without love.

Missed intentions and lost regrets

have no place in my present day

but each decision I make seems to leave me

vexed with oppositions and questions

hopes of knowing days with a second self.


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