Times now past and the season is here

soon will be time for the holiday cheer

Hallow’s for monsters and Thanks for the feast

but Christmas makes the holidays sweet.


Coming together as we all do

to clean out the pain and pebbles in shoes

to rebuild with hope and dump out the grief

the choice is yours and what you believe.


I speak not the Gospel or scriptures today

but listen you to the words that I say

better watch out better not cry

better not pout I’m telling you why


We sing the songs of Christmas past

but why oh why don’t we make it last

years move quickly then they are gone

all grown up and then moving on.


No time to waste on arguments today

sip some Nog, suck on a cane

children sit, watching the tree

like hungry sharks, ready to feed.


Boys and their toys little to big

girls and their dolls pretty and pink

times are different and awkward today

toy guns and Barbie’s don’t come into play.


Cash and computers now rule the lists

I never thought Santa made microchips

he didn’t in my day or in the days before

now it’s no fun, Christmas, is WAR.


“Give me that or I’ll blacken your eye!”

one mother to another in a toy store line

I fear the future our sights our lost

hearts become cold in winters frost.


The Grinch found it, and Charlie Brown knew it

peace hope and love is the only way to it

the pies and cookies and company galore

that is Christmas, now that I adore.


Pluck it from the air, put it in your pocket

keep it near your heart held warm in a locket

why cower and return to the old daily grind

stand up, walk tall, share hearts and minds.


For those that sleep on this night of dreams

remember the spirit and powers that be

tonight they are here and answer at will

they slip down your chimney while you lie still.


Whether fat man or priest, angel or saint

you best believe the kids cannot wait

on just one night true magic still lives

in the hearts and minds of all ages of kids.


So go now my charges and rush straight to sleep

sugar plums don’t dance to kids on their feet

and last a Ho-Ho-Ho chant and to all a good-bye,

“Happy Christmas to all and to all a Good-night.”


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