I Am Feeling Confronted!

I am tired of being responsible for the butt hurt, the audibly or emotionally offended by any and everything. Buttons don’t get pushed anymore. I’m confronted! I’m offended has become the national rallying cry for the bitch’s, moaner’s and cry baby’s… and their hurts and woes are given credence and listened to instead of asking these children to grow up and shut the fuck up.

I am outspoken and opinionated and as a result I have faced this in the past, mostly because of where I worked. Corporations and are notorious about bad publicity and I must say that I too have taken advantage of this by taking my opinions to Twitter and Facebook over bad employees or outright rudeness. Companies cannot afford public scrutiny and I have exploited that fact.

When I worked at Home Depot I faced many levels of discrimination and could do nothing about it because I knew the end result would be termination. Was I rude? I would say not, I would have to sip my mouth over “you fucking people…” and “your fucking company…” and when people were really starved for conversation, “those fucking people…” The sad thing is that now I am a driver where ratings actually come into play on a regular basis, I find I am doing it more than I was at Home Depot.

It has happened to me on Facebook once in a while. Something I post sounds racist to someone. I am tired of it and I think I realize why. The older you get the less shits you give about anything. I am not talking about going racial commando on people or going off in a restaurant, and I am not setting out to offend, but I am not apologizing if my words do.

Usually there is one offended in an ocean of acceptance. Discussion is allowable, my opinion, is my own and if all these people are allowed to go postal in public for no reason, then new voices must be heard and opposing opinions must rise up.


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