There have been stories told of this…

the night of the jolly fat man coming to town,

the most wonderful time of the year,

the eve and the birth.


There are fairy tales and fables

of rebirth and commitment,

love and emotions

all moving towards making peace.


There have been stories told of serving,

people struggling,

moving beyond obstacles,

and giving thanks

for what little they have.


There have been tears shed

in the background

of wonderful illustrations

in song.




In the quiet of night’s silence,

if you listen closely,

you can hear its spirit,

whispering softly.


It reaches out to embrace

everyone, everything,

every story,

tale and gift.


It holds all to account

and forgives everyone who forsakes.

It has been here long before your arrival

and will continue long after your time.


It is the snow.

It is the tree.

It is the lights

and the tinsel.




It is the sainted Nicholas

and the baby’s birth.

It is gifts. It is hope

for tomorrow and the future.

It is Charlie Brown.

It is Beethoven.


It is Scrooge

and it is his redemption

and the ghosts of the past,

present and future.

It is the Grinch.


It is red noses that glow

and snowmen that bellow

“Happy Birthday!”

It is elves.

It is little Cindy Lou Who,

who was no more than two.


It is family.

It is love.

It is Snoopy.

It is Christmas.


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