“Our new world” is visible in the distance and I am still not willing to go. This voyage has been long, arduous and uncertain, and I have been enthusiastic until recently. The captain was my first and foremost reason for signing on. I knew little to nothing about this crew or even the destination. He was my inspiration and when he spoke my heart swelled. I admired the captain, my captain. The trip could be one way we were told, but he swore through perdition’s flame and Davey Jones wake he would get us there, and I believed.

I was, but a swab, stationed below and as such have not seen much of the sun, but I heard rumors below deck of our progress. They spoke of the gains and triumphs of the captain, my captain. I also heard others speaking, falsehoods and lies, negativity and such, even though we had achieved great things and our progress was awesome, they attempted to cut him down and I daresay lay him low.

It was a great day when I heard the cry of “land ho” and the cheers that went up were so loud I am certain they deafened some. I was promoted that day and found myself standing on deck in the sun at a new position. I was very proud. That is when I learned that the captain had suddenly taken ill. He would not be our captain when we reached the new world. There had been a vote and I learned of the replacement that had been chosen.

My heart sank. If my captain was an inspiration, which caused my heart to burst and swell then this new captain was the very antithesis of that persona. I took up my new position and true to my honor I did my job well. We neared land and the captain, my captain, grew weaker still. It is believed that the captain will not last the night, and they have decided that tomorrow we will make anchor and go ashore.

The men have been readying the muskets and they are not just for hunting. I fear what will become of us, what we will find and what will happen if we find any one occupying what the new captain has been calling, “Our land, and our new world.”



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