Spun from the old world to the new

I see the gods standing on a mountain top

staring into space, playing jazz

and dictating the creation of the universe.

Vishnu is on drums waiting for his solo

as Buddha finishes up on piano.

The clouds part and when the earth begins to quake

everything shakes out.

In the next five minutes night becomes day

and day, night again as stars are born and others fade.


I stand in sight of a sun that goes supernova

then collapses into a black hole

that swallows a solar system whole.

From the corner of my eyes I see

this scenario is being narrated

by the fingers tapping on a saxophone.

There is a female sitting behind Vishnu,

waiting and not playing.

Suddenly the earthquake stops.

The band quiets and slows and I watch.

The female closes her eyes and raises her reed

and slowly begins to glide it over the strings.


There is the sound of waves breaking on the shoreline

and movement within the undercurrents of the ocean.

The band quiets as the cello rises

and then slowly they begin to emerge

coming cautious with the tide and rolling onto the beach.

Many many thousands rose from the depths only to die,

one after another until suddenly… they begin to survive.

They crawl in desperation fighting for strength

and I see slowly they begin to stand.

They move unsteadily on four legs at first,

taking them from the shore and into the forest.


The cello slips into silence.

The woman drops her reed and stands.

She grasps the strings and plucks once

then three quick plucks and the band strikes up again.

In the distance there is a rumble and rustling .

Night again becomes day and day goes on to night

and I see things in the distance rise and fall and rise,

enormous things I believed were creatures

but no, they were structures which became buildings.

They reached and spread across the landscape.

machines taking everything that was once green

and one by one they even laid mountains to waste.


I heard explosions and saw fires.

There were noises like great insects flying past.

It was intense and just when I thought too insane,

a roar from the sky erupted and a bird flew overhead.

This great bird did not flap its wings

and the sound of its roar was deafening.

I don’t know where it was going

but several went back and forth

and after them a large cloud formed in the distance.

The air turned red for a second and I saw

a cloud billow up like an enormous mushroom

rising up into the atmosphere and the band stopped.


The silence that erupted was more deafening

than all the roaring from before.

The female turned to the saxophone

the assembly looked around at each other’s face.

Twice the saxophone was raised,

and the band made ready to continue,

but no sound came.

Finally the sax was set in the stand

and Vishnu moved with the others

and they all began to walk away.

All, but Buddha, who sat shocked at his baby grand

The female and one who played the saxophone

approached Buddha cautiously.

They helped him up from the piano

and slowly guided him to the group

and then I watched as the old Gods, all walked away.


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