I can hear the screams inside

coming from the depths of my inner being

like a puppy playing

with my brothers and sisters

it growls and bares its teeth

and I freeze as a squirrel playing possum


I scan the futuristic horizon

of my mind’s eye for the everything nothing

and I return to the abc’s of my memory

holding myself in the darkness of irony


This is me, the place where I stand

and everything that ever will be, will be

world without end, fingers crossed.

The mirror laughs back in my face

Today I am dead and tomorrow is Valentines.

The police killed me with my hands up

Before I could even ask “why?’


The muzzle flashes blue lights

and I awaken, still single

and I am still alone

and wanting to run home, frightened

and every night I slip into the cold

beneath my sheets

and every night something deep

very deep inside me, screams

to be free and be released.


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