The streets are broken

with the bodies of those

who thought they could contend

with the cry of nature

who is nothing, but vicious bitch

with a god complex.

When she screamed

the world stopped

and in unison the heads turned

and looked to the horizon

as everything we had forgotten

was about come to pass.

It wasn’t our neighbor,

it wasn’t the computers

or the robots

or the evil mongers filled with greed

that reached out.

It wasn’t any sort of weapon

or even the pollution.

she just it seemed decided

that she had had enough

and once that happened

mother earth began to sir.

There was a time

when we wondered

what happened to the dinosaurs,

Then we forgot,

then they made a movie

and we wondered again.

when she woke,

she scratched

and like an infestation

we were exterminated.


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