It is a wonder why they glance and turn at my hap,

in the realization of my stance

and I wonder true if they peer the me self

or elicit their own fearful intent?


The sticklers stare, lost in their wonderings

and I exist in my own wanting stasis.

This day is come, after the missing of several

which I have been spent delving with friends

and wondering on my missed scribe moments.


I scratch and pen, tap keys on the flip screen

telling storied tales of times and life

that may hap be mine and may hap be not.

I tap lies and falsehoods about other doings

in other realities on other worlds.


I sap and dabble in powers and with beings

other worldly and ultra-naturally

who utilize forces, wands and staffs

with sabers of light and also too some fly.


My tales and tones may hap be false

though they be fun and free

and I tell true to the hopes and dreams

wished upon in midnight sleep.


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