Center stage in three rings,

they congregate

with expectant smiles

wanting to be entertained.


“You’re funny,” one tells me with a grin

looking as if she’d just eaten shit.

A spiritual nature child just gave me

a sample of  her new creation for men.

“Here put six drops on your tongue.

It’s made from sea salt and herbs,

just let it absorb and overtake you.”


It was salty alright,

and it was warm. Herbs?

I smile in graceful acceptance,

while I imagine her squatting

over a bucket in the forest

doing some ritual

saying a few prayers

and calling it “elixir”


The next two just stare wide-eyed,

“Say something.” One of them says.

“What should I say?” They both giggle.

I don’t understand the joke

so I excuse myself.

They laugh again as I retreat.


I beginning to get a headache.

That could be the urine in my mouth.

“filling my spirit”

with the essence of crazy.


This reading is a circus

filled with clowns and idiots

my brave face on, I stand poised

red nosed and tail high,


ready to fetch, entertain

and be judged.


I am majestic.



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