at the top of the mountain

I discover a life

never known and far below

in memories that serve

and do not betray

the self

which I only recognize

existing in a truth

of my own doing.


It is a life forged

as a singular moment


to a billion-year-old sun

that remains consistent

in a light granting

burn of existence.


In the tribunal I dance

to worship the yellow God

that travels the sky

in day and out.


the circle of life and death

as it prepares for my anima

to join with its own.



we will see

the past, present

and the future

in a moment frozen

where all knowledge

is granted

and lingers, weightless

in the vacuum


living in the continuum


A baby cries

at the dawns break

and I feel the detached tug,

familiar knowledge

begins to germinate

making an impression.


The first laugh

draws me back

a solitary witness

in the fusion of the ether.

The infinite essence is reborn

and days mourn

when the light fades

and I begin again,

a new babe.


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