The evening was out of sorts

spent with her friends at night

sitting in a bar watching sports

then ended up in a porn shop

ogling dildo’s and skin mags.


I was following the crowd.

She made uncomfortable comments

sparked from wide eyes in shock

trying to comprehend.


why would someone…

how could someone…

as if she didn’t wiggle her ass

for me when I slipped out?

She’s no innocent.

She really likes sex…

nothing here was unfamiliar.


We’d fight

I’d go down for the alphabet

and she would swallow.


“Oh my God!” she said.

“What?” I said.

“We did that last night.”


Her friends were upset

and the evening



and went to hell.


It isn’t like the relationship

was great to begin with.


Oh well, I’ll fix it at home

when I quietly close the lid

on the seventh seal

and drive it home

with a coffin nail.


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