we live in the land of opportunity

holding very few truths to be…

self-evident that all men are created equally

just placed in different tax brackets


the rich get richer while the poor get

discouraged, angry and afraid

private schools educate,

while public schools segregate

with six degrees of separation between classes

as the bell rings for ditch diggers

in upper American neighborhoods


we live in the land of opportunity

with the exception of you and me

the economy is rated on a cracked bell curve

so we can get over the hump

and pass the bar into middle America

without the understanding

that there are a lot more of us,

then there are of them


pause for a moment of haiku:

-there is a reason

-when you look down from above

-we all look like ants


mindless drone here and there

mingling with no real purpose

living and dying by the whims of a queen

the believers say

“you can’t hide from the eyes of God”

while the god of commerce

watches on web cams


it’s getting harder and harder to hide

in the land of freedom


when the division bell is rung

the crack will shatter race and class

and all truths self-evident or alternative

and this sanctuary, this stolen wasteland

will truly be an endless land of opportunity

not for one, not for some… but for all


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