I feed and I eat, my hunger is insatiable.

Anything given will be consumed.

The very air itself gives me strength,

more so I can continue my pillage.

If allowed I would never end,

and would swallow the world.


My mystery entices those who watch.

I seduce, those who stare,

who see my gluttonous, greedy acts,

letting my tendrils flick, I eat

licking, smacking continually dancing as I feast,

in a breeze of my own design.

And my chaotic performance

always draws a wanton eye.


You wish to hold, to possess, my wilds,

to tame and control my abandon

careless and which you do not understand.

I am what I am, I do what I will

and I go where I please.

I am seen as insanity in form,

pain from circumstance,

and unimaginable death from cause.


You can use me, call me friend,

but understand that my only will is to eat,

to destroy and consume all that I touch,

with extreme prejudice,

including you if your attention wavers.


A rainbow of colors sprung from my depths,

from the brightest white to the deepest blue.

A legion of feelings run,

in a conglomeration of sights,

working together towards one goal.


From the ground below I stir,

rising with heat enough to melt the earth.

In the sky I wink, a white hot crooked line

striking like a random finger of God,

coming forth to pass judgment.


You walk the land paying homage,

as I pass above you in kelvins flame

lending light and lending warmth

waiting for the moment, the hour and the time,

when I shall reach out to the blue marble

and pluck it from the sky,

as an apple from a tree.




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