Sometimes the darkness is appealing

the cold black shadows

that run away from the shine of light

sometimes when the people are staring

and I hear the voices of hurt

and loneliness laughs at my plight,



Sometimes the corners are inviting

when I just want to go away

from everything

and hide beneath a pile of laundry

in an alley, beneath a dumpster in a crawl space

pull up my legs

hold myself huddled beneath a shower

and let the hot water wash everything away.


Sometimes I just want to run and hide

with no one to seek

and nothing to find a faraway place

were people don’t exist

filled with desert winds

broken waves, sand and tree filled forests



Sometimes the damn can’t break

but pressure has built a monument to pain

on the inside

and I just want to see

what might be the next phase of existence

after this life.

Find a bridge to nowhere

so I can test my ability to fly


Author page: Amazon


Image credit: Immortal Beloved.


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