I walk alone

unnoticed by spirited mates

in mirrored ideology

of time and life’s




Superego takes control.

iris dilates

clarity infused

into a super conscious.

there is no duality

and rhetorical triads

merge into one,



to biped,

to super humanity.



In stone and light structures

tribal clans worshiped:

the man in,

the rabbit jumping,

the horse galloping,

sliver, half and new,

full, lantern, sliver

and Cheshire Cat grin

hiding the dark side

of the satellite.


Ever watchful

often smiling.

the sentinel

shared, seen

and known by all

through time

with its face

locked in a tide.


I am alone

lying on the grass

within the lullaby

beneath a shroud of sleep.

I am alone

because the moon

doesn’t speak to me



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