Mocha Java life juice slips

over my lips and down my throat

as I sit back and relax

in this America,

on a Los Angeles drive,

freeway’s moving past

the future

to the end of the world.


I say good-bye to times and trials

as this caramel individual screams

into the night.

Where is my place,

in this place? My search is

not bearing fruit

and the trees are dead

along with man’s humanity.


I drive the slipstream

through wormholes

for a safe port

in the storm of atrocities

that I may thrive as a disease,

spread my tendrils and invade.


The search for my she

will not come

as long as I am standing

here waiting for her.

I must seek to find,

for the universe assists those

who give, providing the needs

rather than what may be wanted.


Voices moan enchanted words

of love from my lips

to the unknown,

and in final moments

I am granted this one wish

and suddenly my body fades

onto the plains of Africa, and I run.


I am before the slaves

a portion returned and the rest waits

to remember the evolution,

when the desert was Eden

and life sprang from the first mother

in the creation

of the plague that was Cain.


The day man went beyond God

to kill another of himself,

another of his creations.

The first judgment man passed

out of a jealousy

which will be repeated

again, and again, and over

until we are no longer born,

but thrive eternally in sin.


I am one with the yellow slant eyed

my brothers that evolved

without the sun on their backs.

I am one with the white ones

that were modern before all

and capitalize where fortunes can be gained.

I am one with the red man

riding the sunny slopes of the world

from the backs of horses

connecting with the mother earth.

I am one. I am all. I am one with my black brothers

that burnt themselves on the planes

hunting in the haunting remembrance of freedom.

I am one.


Do you know the beauty of you?

Not the black is beautiful,

brown pride, white power,

us not them; but the beauty of you,

of them, of us, of one, of the spiritual colorless,

the coming togetherness of he’s and she’s

and he’s and he’s and she’s and she’s.


What is the color that creates

the hue in hue-manity?


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