The world went to sleep

expecting tomorrow to be waiting

but in the middle of the night

the world went away

when it awoke,

it found today had arrived.


Rain was falling

causing rivers to overflow,

fires had started from lightening

and the world found so many things

taken for granted were wrong.

Some people

began remembering the future

while forgetting the past.


Nothing was as it seems as it rained.

It rained and rained like to never end,

flood it did as it rained constantly

for more than two months

a cosmic faucet of never-ending

theologians issued apologies

that no arks had been built previously

though it was unnecessary

for the entire planet did not over fill itself.


don’t misunderstand

everything was wet

soaked in a world of depression

but the planet was not submerged.

In fact

it seemed that the earth simply drank

its fill in those first thirty days,


deserts evened out

and some of the structures

more precarious crumbled and fell

many coastal houses collapsed

the rich causing bankruptcies of insurance.

Roads and even a few cities

were washed away into oblivion

taken muddy rivers ridden with debris


Crime was reduced significantly

due to thievery not being a friend

to the effort of torrential weather.

national flood warnings were obvious.

After weeks, sighting no end

schools reopened

and people came to an understanding

that this was life

and there was nothing to be done.

This was the new world.

Were sandbags were sold out

and companies had to scramble

to acquire enough supply.


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