My Caitlyn

I was given fair warning


but after several

back and fourth’s


getting ideas in my head

about her,

I went forward.


Something was off

at first glance,

but there was a connection

and good rapport.

The hug threw me,

the stiff bulges

pressed into my chest,

were not breasts.


I sat and we talked.

Instant conversation,


getting to know each other.

Her arms told me

more of the story.

She picked up her drink…

I saw her arms,

they were my arms.

They were man arms.

My mind wandered to Seinfeld.


I stayed,

we talked for a while

I tried to get my head around it.

I imagined kissing,

it didn’t work,

I imagined a blowjob



but it too didn’t work.

I couldn’t imagine

anything more.


There was so much in common,

and for a while

during the conversation,

I forgot.

During the conversation.

I was here,

I was with her

laughing and exchanging stories.

Then suddenly I was back.


Friends, maybe

but that’s not what

this was supposed to be.

What was this,

a date?

a first meeting over coffee?


It was not going to work.

Not for her,

and not for me.

It ended

cordial goodbyes

a handshake hug

and a story to tell.


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